Tower Grove Ave at Vandeventer to get bike lanes soon!

The bike lanes on Tower Grove Ave at Vandeventer are coming back, we recently learned.  Though details still remain to be resolved, our understanding is that the short bike slot on SB Tower Grove immediately before the intersection, which was removed in May 2018, will be returned to something similar to its former arrangement.


Bike lanes on Tower Grove Avenue at Vandeventer prior to May 2018 (left) and how they look today.  We recently learned that the City will reinstall the bike lane more or less as it was before.

As part of this rearrangement, automobile traffic SW-bound on Vandeventer heading to NB Tower Grove Ave will turn right on Hunt rather than Tower Grove.  Left turn on SB Tower Grove Ave to NE-bound Vandeventer and Central Industrial Drive will be permitted.  Striping is to take place September 16, weather permitting.

We’re really pleased with this development.  Provided the details are done right, the bike lanes at that intersection will be very helpful for guiding cyclists across a tricky intersection and giving them a place to be on a red light.

Thanks to Transportation Policy Planner Scott Ogilvie and Trailnet for their work and advocacy, and to the folks in St. Louis City Street Department for agreeing on reasonable bike infrastructure improvements.

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