SafeTGA ride on Broadway

Sunday September 21 we’ll be riding South Broadway to experience and document the new bike infrastructure installed as part of Bike St. Louis Phase 3.  Come join us!

We will start at Hartford Coffee Company (Hartford and Roger) at 11am and swing by The Handlebar (Manchester in The Grove) at 11:15 or so before heading east to South Broadway.  The ride will be leisurely with plenty of stops, and the perspective and feedback of all cyclists will be appreciated.

In case of rain we’ll post updates here and on Twitter (#SafeTGA).

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2 comments on “SafeTGA ride on Broadway
  1. Herbie says:

    I’ll try to make it, but if not there are a few spots in the southbound direction that I recall are less than ideal:
    • the merger of Broadway and 7th south of Park
    • Broadway crossing Dorcas (narrow)
    • the merger of Broadway and Jefferson
    • the curve on Broadway near Gasconade (narrow)

  2. Chris Cleeland says:

    I concur with the “less than ideal” assessments from Herbie. The Park/Broadway merger is weird, but it’s not so bad if you take the lane going through the intersection at Park, and wait until after the 7th/Broadway merge happens to move back over to bike lane area–unless it’s a busy day at Soulard Market, in which case the bike lane sticks you in a place that’s ripe for conflict and being overlooked by pedestrians, motorists, etc. But at that point the traffic lanes move so slowly that even the slowest cyclist can take the lane up to Lafayette and ease back into the bike lane near Lafayette.

    I can’t picture Dorcas, so no comment.

    Jefferson is just weird. The striping is ambiguous to say the least, then further south it kind of disappears then reappears then disappears. I had some pretty close calls on that stretch by impatient motorists, right at the curve near Gasconade.

    The pavement near the brewery sucks.

    On trash day, residents just north of Jefferson put their rollout carts in the bike lane sometimes. It’s an education issue, and shouldn’t be a problem on Sunday.

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