Statement from Alderman Conway: Bike Lanes on Tower Grove Ave

Below is a letter posted 2/28/16 on Nextdoor by Alderman Conway.

Below is my post January 27th to summarize putting dedicated bike lanes on Tower Grove Avenue. Subsequent to that post the City has inserted the turn arrows and it has reduced congestion for your consideration. We are still waiting on final approval of signage. Thanks Steve.

Dear Neighbor,

Last week I set up a meeting with the Mayor’s new Chief of Staff and advocates of bike organizations including Great Rivers Greenway.

We discussed implementing a single lane of car traffic and bike traffic along Tower Grove Ave between Shaw and Magnolia. Also, we discussed the current congestion South Bound Tower Grove at Shaw.
Traffic is backing up South Bound Tower Grove because the transition lane for cars making a turn on Shaw is short and many motorists also do not realize that the dashed bike lane means cars can use it. The City will extend the length of the transition lane, put right turn arrows in it and provide new street signs designed to educate motorists and bicyclists on proper usage.

If educating motorists and bicyclists and adding better signage reduces congestion, then when SNIA takes the matter up regarding remarking the rest of Tower Grove Ave to a single lane of traffic and a single buffered bike lane, it will have a good foundation to do so.

The City would remark Tower Grove Ave before the Kingshighway Bridge closes after SNIA sends a letter of support. This way we’ll reduce congestion and everyone can travel more safely: bicyclists, car drivers, and pedestrians alike.

Ald. Stephen Conway, CPA, ATTY

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